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Demola Budapest

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In Demola, university students develop product and service demo concepts together with companies and create new solutions to real-life problems. Demola provides an inspiring atmosphere of creative co-creation and new learning opportunities for students and professionals of different universities and organisations. The immaterial rights of the results stay with the multidisciplinary student teams. Companies can then purchase the rights or license the products or services from them. Demola also creates new spinoff companies around the innovations.
Demola is an award winning open innovation platform, which started in Tampere in 2008. During the first three years of activity over 250 service and product prototypes were co-created by 1500+ talented students and 93% of the results were claimed for business use.
Demola Budapest started in May 2012 and became the third innovation centre in the international network alongside Tampere, Vilnius and Oulu.
We work on projects in the area of technology, services, digital media and games, social innovation and business concepts with local impact and global market potential. Companies bring their project ideas for student teams to cultivate. Demola offers the teams the tools and the teams design the solutions collaboratively. Results are honed into real products and services to be part of the companies’ operations or spawn new companies.