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Budapest 1051
április 27.
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This event will feature a special presentation by Professor Adam Za...

This event will feature a special presentation by Professor Adam Zawadowski, Assistant Professor at the CEU Department of Economics:
"Are derivatives still financial weapons of mass destruction?"
Adam Zawadowski is an Assistant Professor of Economics at CEU Department of Economics. Before joining CEU, he spent five years as Assistant Professor of Finance at Boston University Questrom School of Business. He obtained his PhD in Economics from Princeton University, during which he interned at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Earlier he received an MA in Economics from CEU and an MSc in Engineering Physics from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
His broad research interest is how frictions affect asset prices, investment and financial stability. More specifically, he has worked on financial networks, liquidity of the CDS and the bond markets and limits to information processing in financial markets. He is the author of numerous research papers, including some in one of the most prestigious finance journals, the Review of Financial Studies.
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